Cash Register Care and Maintenance

Many people do not pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the POS machine when they use the POS machine to collect money. As a result, the POS machine has problems after a long time of use, and they also think that the POS machine has a problem.

Therefore, it is more important to understand the maintenance and maintenance of the POS cash register. After all, the POS machine has brought great convenience to our collection and cashier. Therefore, today Taoyuandi POS Machine Knowledge Network will tell you about the maintenance and maintenance of the cash register.

Daily correct use and management of cash registers
1. Try to ensure that the cash register and other cash register equipment are cleaned every day.
2. It is best to ensure that the keyboard, printer and inner shell of the POS machine are cleaned once a month by professionals.
3. When pressing the keyboard, do not use too much force, and do not rotate the customer screen at will, which will easily cause the data line of the customer screen to loosen or break.

4. Before starting the machine, remember to turn on the UPS power first, and then turn on the host power supply. When shutting down, first turn off the host power supply, then turn off the UPS power supply, and finally check and clean.
5. Note that the POS machine should not be wet with water. Do not place any liquid items around the POS machine, and it is best not to place items on the cash register.

Second, the safe handling of cash register failure
1. Be careful not to turn the machine too on and off too frequently, and do not move the cash register casually. If there is a fault, it is best to contact a professional for inspection and maintenance, and do not fiddle with it without permission.
2. If the cash register is invaded by liquid, immediately cut off the power supply, and then find a professional person to repair it, and must not fiddle with it without permission.
3. After the cash register fails, do not continue to swipe the card to cash out, it is best to replace it with another one.
4. When the cash register fails, pay attention to protect the scene and prevent non-professional people from fiddling with it. It is recommended to regularly explain the knowledge of POS machine maintenance and maintenance to the cashier. Only by mastering this knowledge can we calmly deal with failures and prevent further failures.


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