Common troubleshooting tips for POS cash registers (2)


6. After the POS cash register is turned on, the display does not reflect, and is accompanied by an alarm sound?

Answer: This situation is mostly related to memory. Solution: unplug the memory stick, wipe it with a new hundred dollar bill, and then plug it in again.

7. Why can’t the POS cash register enter the system after it is turned on, and it always stops at the blue sky and white clouds of win2000/XP?

A: System problem, maybe some system files are missing and the system fails to start. You can press the F8 key while the system is restarting and select “Last Normal Boot Mode”.

8. Does the POS cash register system always crash during operation?

Answer: There are various situations that cause the crash. Generally, in addition to the problem of the POS machine itself, it has a great relationship with the surrounding environment. For example, the POS machine is placed in a small space so that the heat of the machine itself cannot be dissipated, which leads to the crash. ; Loose wiring between the scanner gun and the keyboard port, etc.

9. The machine crashes. When the POS cash register does not respond to the keys, it crashes?

Answer: A. Fake crash phenomenon: If you press the “NumLock” key on the keypad, the indicator light responds but other keys and the mouse cannot be used, which is a fake crash phenomenon. Many fake crashes are caused by running programs that do not respond (for example, if you open or start too many programs at the same time, the program stops responding due to serious system resource consumption), then we can press “Ctrl” +Alt+Del” key combination, select the program item marked “Task Manager” in the pop-up list, select the program to end running from “Applications”, and then click “End Task” to forcibly close it. to restore the system to normal operation.

B. Real crash phenomenon: any keys on the keyboard and mouse cannot be used, so generally you can only press the “Ctrl+Alt+Del” key combination to select “Shutdown – Restart” or press the “Reset” key on the main box (because It consumes less resources, so the former is preferred) to restart.

C. Turn off the POS computer when both “End Task” and “Restart” cannot be operated or the computer does not respond: Method 1: Press the power button until the display turns black, and then turn it on again. Method 2: When the power button cannot be turned off by pressing the power button, you can only directly disconnect the power supply, then turn the power on again after a few seconds, but this method has a great impact on the life of the machine.

10. Is the POS cash register network connected to the troubleshooting?

Answer: A. In Windows, if the network fails, there will be a network icon with a red cross at the bottom right of the display screen or whether the light of the network card behind the host is on (operators should pay attention to observation), if this happens , first check whether the network cable is connected.

B. If you are sure that the network is connected but still cannot connect to the background data, please contact the system maintenance personnel in time.





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