Differences between POS cash registers used in supermarkets and restaurants

POS cash registers are very common in modern consumption, and can be seen in almost supermarkets and restaurants in various cities. There are differences between the two in terms of commodities and sales environment.

(1) Commodities in supermarkets are placed on the shelves in the form of packaging or labels for selection. The packaging and labels can be printed with commodity information, such as barcodes that can be read (ie, barcodes); The products in the list are temporarily prepared foods and services. It is not convenient to print the information of the products in time, and the food is different, and it is not convenient to prepare labels in advance.

(2) The commodities in the supermarket, including the packaging and labels, are present and intact at the time of settlement, which provides conditions for scanning the code to read the information on them; while the commodities and services in the catering industry are generally at the time of settlement. No, the information is mainly entered through the keyboard or touch screen.

(3) In the supermarket, when the customer takes the receipt for verification, the purchased product can in principle be returned or exchanged; while most restaurants are accustomed to post-dinner settlement, and the products and services cannot be returned or exchanged.

(4) The passenger flow in the supermarket is relatively average throughout the day, which is convenient for arranging the number of POS cash registers. Some supermarkets also adjust the number of settlement channels according to the passenger flow in different time periods. The phenomenon is easier to deal with; while restaurants have obvious consumption time periods throughout the day, during the meal and checkout time periods when the passenger flow is concentrated, a small number of cashiers face the customers who are queuing to checkout, and input commodity information to the POS machine one by one. A tough job.

(5) When the settlement is completed in the supermarket, the POS cash register will always print out the shopping receipt as a voucher and hand it over to the customer for verification and storage; while the POS cash register in the restaurant is generally located at the service desk, and it is necessary to go to the service desk. Receipts or other consumption vouchers can be obtained.

The above differences are some of the factors that exist in the restaurant problem. The way to enter information with a keyboard or touch screen at the POS cash register of a restaurant is not as simple and fast as scanning a code with a barcode reader. Therefore, solving the “information input” and converting it into electrical information quickly and timely will help restaurants to settle quickly and improve the quality and level of service.


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