Does the cash register need an Internet connection?

Abstract: The cash register system is a powerful tool for stores to improve the cash register efficiency. Generally, there are two types of cash register systems: stand-alone version and networked version. The stand-alone version is an ordinary cash register equipped with simple cash register software. The cash register system needs to be connected to the Internet. Although it can temporarily cash out after the network is disconnected, some functions will not be available. Generally, the cash register system is connected with a network cable or the wireless network of the router. When the network is disconnected, the mobile phone traffic can be temporarily used as a hotspot. Let’s take a look at the knowledge of the cash register system networking.

1. Does the cash register system need a network?
Many stores will use the cash register system. Usually, the cash register system software is divided into two types: stand-alone version and online version. Does the cash register system need to be used online?

(1). Stand-alone version
The stand-alone cash register system is usually a cash register with a simple cash register system, which can be used directly without networking.

(2). Online version
Many complex cash register system software needs to be connected to the network to use, the networked data is easier to manage, and can be uploaded to the cloud server through the network, which is more convenient; however, a good cash register system software can be operated even if the network is disconnected. The solution when dealing with network failures is to store the cash register data in the local computer or cash register first, and then upload it to the cloud server for storage after the network condition is restored, without affecting the normal operation of the store and cash register. Generally speaking, the stand-alone version of the cash register system that does not require networking is only suitable for small-scale stores. If the store has a large customer flow, a large scale, or is a chain store, it is better to choose a networked cash register system.

2. Can the cash register system use any network?
The cash register system can be connected to the network through a network cable, or it can be used on the interface of the cash register system by connecting to a router through a wireless network. Therefore, any network can be used for the cash register system. Even if there is no network, some cash register systems with the function of disconnecting the network can continue to be used.

3. What should I do if the cash register system is disconnected from the network?
The situation that the cash register system is disconnected from the network may be encountered in the process of store operation. With the development of computer technology, many cash register systems have realized the function of disconnecting cash from the PC terminal. Locally, it can be uploaded after being connected to the Internet; however, it should be noted that some functions such as membership points, real-time update of commodity information, etc. may not be available when the network is disconnected; and considering that the storage capacity of the cash register is being recognized online Translation .. size, it is better to restore the network in time after the disconnection.


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