Features of the Electronic Cash Register

Since the advent of electronic cash registers, a complete series has been formed according to the needs of various business management models. Therefore, it is completely possible to choose a suitable electronic cash register according to actual needs.
The selection of electronic cash registers should be based on the following important indicators:
1. Commodity classification Select the electronic cash register of the corresponding department number according to the number of classifications of the sold commodities.
2. Quantity of single product Select the electronic cash register with the corresponding number of single product according to the number of single product to be managed.
3. Print characters Choose whether to print in Chinese according to your needs. Generally, Chinese-printed electronic cash registers are much more expensive than English-printed electronic cash registers.
4. Single and double printing: The double printing electronic cash register has a customer link and a stub link, and the management is relatively standardized, but the price is much more expensive than the single printing electronic cash register. Of course, single printing can achieve the purpose of retaining stubs by printing two layers of carbonless pressure sensitive paper. However, the price of carbon-free pressure-sensitive paper is more than double that of single-layer paper. Long-term use, high cost.
5. Whether to be connected to the Internet It is determined whether network management is required according to the business scale and development trend. In addition to the much higher price than the general electronic cash register, the networkable electronic cash register also requires additional software costs.
Preparations before using the electronic cash register

1. Commodity classification (department) Commodities should be classified according to the maximum number of departments of the electronic cash register purchased. This can maximize the management efficiency.
2. Single product code If single product management is adopted, it is necessary to code some or all of the products to be managed, and determine the unit price and the category to which they belong.
3. Determine the code (password) of the cashier General electronic cash registers have cashier management functions. Therefore, to each cashier number or password.
4. Programming setting Set the above data to the electronic cash register.
5. Determine the authority management The electronic cash register has several lock modes, which are entered with different keys. Management authority means that managers at different levels are in charge of the keys at all levels. The cashier masters the cash register key (REG), the department manager masters the statement reading key (X), and the manager or finance master masters the statement key (Z) and programming key (P).
6. Determine the time and handover procedures for daily and monthly clearing of reports.
7. The electronic cash register company conducts training for cashiers and management personnel. Each operation step and precautions must be clarified. Managers must clearly know how to read various reports and the meaning of each content. If the content of the report is unclear, the electronic cash register will lose its management role.
8. Carefully keep the random instructions. This is a very useful and easily overlooked link.

General electronic cash register manual reading guide The electronic cash register manual is usually divided into five parts. The first part: the electronic cash register key surface position, lock mode, key, and functional health explanation. The second part: electronic cash register programming operation. Part 3: Electronic cash register operation instructions, including specific examples of various operations and corresponding small ticket templates. The fourth part: report reading and report template. Introduce the meanings of the numbers and characters in each column of the report in detail. Part V: Precautions for use. It includes how to change the paper, change the ribbon (color reel), add ink, deal with the power failure, and the solution when the machine is locked due to misoperation.


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