How does a thermal printer work?

The application field of thermal printer is particularly extensive, but the basic working principle is not everyone understands. Thermal-sensitive printer and thermal-sensitive paper together can handle our daily work printing needs. So what is the basic working principle of thermal printer?

Thermal printers do not need printer cartridges, nor do they need to install carbon ribbons (printing ribbons).

The basic working principle of thermal printer is that the printing head is installed with semiconductor materials heating components. After heating the printer’s nozzle and touching the thermal paper, the desired pattern can be printed. The basic principle is similar to that of a thermal fax machine. Images are generated by chemical changes in the thermosensitive paper film as a result of heating. This kind of thermal printer change is needed in the corresponding ambient temperature. Hot weather speeds up these chemical changes. When the ambient temperature is less than 60 ℃, the printing paper takes a long time, even up to several years to change to a dark color. When the ambient temperature is 200℃, this kind of reaction can be achieved in a few microseconds.

Therefore, if you want to make the thermal printer print out graphics and content, you must meet the two prerequisite conditions, thermal paper and high temperature weather, is no need for printer ink cartridge and printing ribbon oh.

So how does a thermal printer produce blank paper? It can be excluded according to the following two factors.

First, thermal paper. It must be thermal paper. You can’t print on ordinary paper. If you’re definitely using thermal paper and still can’t print, check to see if the thermal paper is loaded upside down. Only one side of thermal paper can be printed, relatively smooth, with a fingernail swipe and black scratches. This trick can also be used to determine whether it is ordinary paper or thermal paper.

Second, hot weather. The thermosensitive sheet must be formed in high temperature weather to make the chemical reaction of the thermosensitive paper and print out the content. Of course, you can’t touch the thermosensitive tablet directly with your hands. Your hands will get burned. If what apply is thermal sensitive paper and install correct, still print not come out word, or print the handwriting that come out is vague, it is thermal sensitive head is damaged mostly, can wipe with alcohol at a draught, see can improve, if still vague, most is thermal sensitive piece is broken, need to replace.


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