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How long can a barcode printer last?

How many years can a barcode printer last? How to effectively prolong the use, anyone who has used a barcode printer knows that the barcode print head is a precise and valuable part of the barcode printer, and it is also a fragile and fragile device. The warranty period of general manufacturers is 3 months or 30 kilometers, whichever comes first. Therefore, reasonable maintenance and proper maintenance of the print head can double the life of the barcode printer and reduce the cost of use, especially For high-end industrial machines, the cost is greatly reduced.

10 Effective Ways to Extend the Life of Your Barcode Printer

1. The print head should use a high-quality smooth thermal transfer ribbon with film on the back to reduce friction.
2. Minimize print head pressure and print temperature.
3. Ensure that the width of the ribbon is wider than the label to prevent the exposed print head from being scratched by the label.
4. Cover the dust cover of the printer after printing, and maintain the printer regularly.
5. When printing label paper, do not leave it for too long. prone to static electricity

6. After using for a period of time, use alcohol cotton to stick some alcohol, wipe the print head (the black one), pay attention to after wiping, be sure to dry it before printing

7. Gently blow off the dust and fiber dust on the printing device, such as the platen roller, label sensor, ribbon sensor, and print head. Never use any hard, metal, abrasive tools (such as screwdrivers) to remove sticky dirt or other debris from the printhead.

8. Use a cleaning pen or cotton swab dipped in solvent (alcohol with a concentration of more than 95%), press the front end of the cleaning swab to make it close to the print head and always wipe the print head from side to side, repeat the above steps until the cleaning swab is on until no more smudges appear.
9. Rotate the platen roller to remove the dust on the platen roller. Repeat the above steps until there is no more smudge on the cleaning label.
10. Ensure that the width of the ribbon is wider than the label. When printing, the ribbon covers both sides of the label paper to prevent the exposed print head from being scratched by the label.
How to judge whether the barcode print head is broken?
Draw a thick line on the printed label, such as the line is 10mm thick, and then use a barcode printer to print, if there is a sharp white line, it can generally be judged that the print head has broken needles!


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