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How to choose cash register pos cash register?(1)

The rise of mobile payment malls is the first battleground of offline consumption scenarios. Especially for high-frequency consumption work, such as catering, supermarkets, etc., how to meet the new payment needs of consumer groups and create a convenient and convenient cash register scene, what kind of smart cash register do we need?

First of all, we can find that the mall now has smart cash registers for Windows and Android. But we, as merchants, really don’t understand which system is more suitable for us.

Choose Windows or Android

Both Windows system and Android system support multi-store, multi-cashier, multi-terminal adaptation, and can pay with WeChat Pay and Receipt at the same time, as well as offline UnionPay QuickPass; zero hardware investment cost is low, suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small catering Store and financial payment, O2O service work, provide professional and systematic online and offline cashier solutions for merchants.

However, in the past, the cash registers in merchant stores and shopping malls were more and more inclined to the smart cash registers of the Android system. Then, compared with the Windows cash register system, why did the Android system gradually gain popularity?

1. Equipment requirements

The Windows system requires the host to have high parameters, while the Android system has relatively low parameters and can work smoothly. Therefore, under the condition of the same parameters and equipment, the working experience of the Android system will be better.

2. Stability

The cash register of the Android system is connected to the cloud platform, and multiple data protection mechanisms ensure that the data can be safe and never lost. As long as the account is still there, the data can be searched; while in the Windows system, because the hard disk or the hard disk is more easily damaged, there will be system gaps. Destroy the integrity of the data.

3. Operability

The operation of the Android system is messy, and the cash register comes with Android cash register software. The merchant opens the software and outputs the account and password to log in with one key. It is as messy and convenient as operating WeChat, saving a small amount of operation time. As a result, training costs for employees are also reduced. The Windows system operation must be relatively messy, merchants need time to adapt to the interface, the practice time is long, and the cost is high.

4. Iterative update

If you need to update the product information, you need to open the background through the web page, adjust the product information from the beginning, and then the product information on the front desk will be updated. Now, the Android smart cash register terminal can directly update the product information function under the touch screen, allowing you to adjust the product promotion strategy in time according to the promotion practice.


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