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How to maintain the led display screen?


 1: maintain a dry working environment

According to the working principle of the liquid crystal display, it can be seen that it has strict requirements on air humidity, so it must be ensured that it can work in a relatively dry environment. In particular, no moisture can be brought into the interior of the display, so this is especially critical for some users who work in a humid environment (such as areas with humid southern air). I think users in Chongqing should have more experience. If so, the author suggests that it is best to prepare some desiccant (available at drugstores) to keep the micro-environment around the display dry; or prepare a clean soft cloth to keep the display dry at all times. If the water has entered the liquid crystal display, it is necessary to place the display in a dry place to allow the water to evaporate slowly. Do not turn on the power hastily, otherwise, the liquid crystal electrodes of the display will be corroded, thus casting a large wrong.

2:Pay attention to your operating habits

Bad work habits can also damage the health of LED display screen. For example, some people like to work while drinking tea, coffee or milk or something. As we all know, this often jeopardizes the “health” of the keyboard; likewise, it jeopardizes the delicate display. If you accidentally spill tea, etc. on the monitor, it is useless to hit yourself in the mouth. In addition, some people do not pay attention when using or opening the laptop, which often leads to scratches on the LED display, damage to the protective film of the display, etc., which will affect its life. Therefore, good work habits are closely related not only to your physical and mental health, but also to the health of your monitor.

3: Avoid the harm of volatile chemicals

Through the above introduction to the internal materials and display principles of liquid crystal displays, we should realize the vulnerability of liquid crystal displays to certain chemicals. No matter what kind of display it is, liquids are avoided, let alone chemicals. Here, the author wants to emphasize is to pay attention to the damage of other volatile chemicals to the liquid crystal display. For example, the hairspray that everyone often uses and the mosquito repellant that is frequently used in summer will cause damage to the liquid crystal molecules and even the entire display, resulting in a shortening of the life of the entire display.

4: Regular quantitative cleaning of the display

Due to unclean substances such as dust, some unsightly smudges and scars often appear on the display screen of the led display, so the display screen should be cleaned regularly. If there are stains on the display screen, the correct cleaning method is to carefully wipe off the stains with a soft cloth dipped in a little glass cleaner. It is also wrong to clean the display screen regularly and frequently, which will also cause some adverse effects on the display screen.

5: Reduce violence against displays

Do you think the LED of the Led display is very interesting? Why do I see so many users pointing at the screen with their hands, poking the screen hard, and deliberately deforming it? In fact, the display screen of the LED interface is very delicate, and the quality of the display screen may be damaged in the process of violent movement or vibration; at the same time, if such violent activities will destroy the internal liquid crystal molecules of the display, the display effect will be greatly reduced. . Therefore, it is extremely unwise to do some violent acts against it.

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