How to solve the common faults of the supermarket cash register all-in-one machine?

The all-in-one cash register in the supermarket plays an important role in daily life and shopping. We are used to using the all-in-one cash register for sales settlement. In the long-term use of the all-in-one cash register, there will inevitably be some small problems. Machine FAQ What should we do?

Common faults and cause analysis of cash register

1. The problem of the cash box

1. The cash box of the cash register cannot be opened or closed

This phenomenon is also the most common. The reason may be that during the cash register collection process, the banknotes slipped into the back of the cash box drawer of the cash register, causing the card to get stuck on the hook in the cash box, and then the cash box of the cash register could not be closed. the problem above. At this time, we only need to pull out the drawer and take out the stuck banknotes.

2. The cash box of the cash register cannot be opened

A. After clicking checkout at the front desk of the cash register software, the cash drawer will pop up under normal circumstances. If the cash drawer does not bounce but there is a sound, then check whether the guide rail of the cash drawer is deformed or there is a hard object stuck.

B. In this case, the cash drawer neither pops up nor makes a sound. At this time, we need to check whether the interface connected to the printer is connected well. If the connection is ok, then check whether the printer is printing normally. If the printer can be used normally , the cash drawer of the cash register still does not pop out. At this time, there should be a problem with the cash drawer relay.

3. After the cash drawer is opened, it is difficult to close it back

First check whether the foam in the cash drawer has been taken out. If the foam has been taken out, check whether the lock of the cash drawer has fallen off or the guide rail of the cash drawer has been deformed. This situation is relatively rare. .

4. The cash box does not bounce but makes a sound

Please check if it is stuck.

5. The cash box does not bounce but makes no sound

Please check whether the cash drawer port on the printer is connected properly. If so, whether the printer is printing normally. If it cannot be displayed on other computers, it is preliminarily concluded that there is a problem with the cash drawer relay.

Second, the printer problem

1. Blurred printing

Please clean the print head with alcohol after the power is turned off, check whether the paper platen is pressed down.

2. There is a clicking sound when printing, and the printed word is a horizontal line

The print head gear is worn out.

3. Printing garbled characters

Please check whether the driver is installed normally. If it was normal before, but this problem occurs suddenly, it may be a problem with the font library of the printer.

4. The printer does not respond

Please check whether the printing line is connected well and whether the red light is on.

3. Customer display screen

1. The customer display does not show

Please check whether the power cord is connected properly.

2. The customer display screen cannot receive the signal

When the signal line has been connected, check whether the options of the software setting Gu Xian correspond.

4. Scanner

1. The scanner can scan but the keyboard does not respond

If the keyboard is normal; or the computer beeps after scanning; the scanning line is faulty.

2. No carriage return after the scanner scans

Please scan the “Carriage Return Barcode” on the instruction manual.

3. When scanning, the sound is normal but there is no content

Please reset to factory defaults.

4. There is only a little light when scanning

Light head failure

5. Cashier host

1. Can’t turn on the machine, no display

Please check whether the power supply is powered on; when the host is turned on, the host responds, but the display does not display. When the power indicator light is on, check whether the display signal line is plugged in properly.

2. Beep sound when booting

The memory stick is in poor contact.

3. There is English display on the black screen when booting up, but the operating system cannot be entered

The hard disk cannot be checked, and the COMS is not set properly.

4. An English file prompt appears when entering the operating system





The startup file of the operating system is damaged, please repair the Windows operating system.


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