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Main types of touch screen POS cash registers and their advantages

First, the type of touch screen POS cash register:

In terms of the number of touch screens, there are single-screen touch POS cash registers and dual-screen touch POS cash registers.

1. Single-screen touch screen POS cash register

The single-screen touch POS cash register is a common POS machine with only one main screen, but it can also add expansion options, such as a magnetic stripe card reader and a customer display screen according to actual needs.

2. Dual-screen touch screen POS cash register

A dual-screen touch screen POS cash register has two screens, a main screen and a secondary screen. The main screen is to display the main operation interface, and the secondary screen is used as a kind of advertising display, that is, the merchant can display the advertising information of some products on this screen, and it supports dual-screen synchronization and asynchronous points. Synchronization means that the data displayed on the two screens changes in the same way, while asynchronous means that the display data of the two screens can not interfere with each other.

Second, the advantages of touch screen POS cash register:

1. Elegant appearance. It adopts the fashion style of touch screen integration, and supports the design of the rotating shaft, and the visual angle can be adjusted at will. The general POS machine adopts a fixed type, and this touch screen POS machine can adjust the angle of the screen arbitrarily.

2. Easy to maintain. The traditional POS machine is complicated to connect and not easy to disassemble. This touch screen POS machine adopts a modular design to facilitate disassembly and installation, and the lines can also be well hidden.

3. Super extension. The touch screen POS all-in-one machine has flexible configuration, rich interfaces, VGA, COM, USB, LTP and other ports, strong expansion and compatibility, to meet various needs.

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