Pos Cash register Use tutorial (quick to master)

The pos cash register is a cash register device that integrates the functions of the traditional pos machine and the commodity price management system. It is suitable for stores with many categories (such as supermarkets, beverage stores, restaurants, bars, etc.). Commodity name, code and commodity price are entered into the system. When customers purchase products, they use the cash register to directly enter the purchase information, automatically list the consumption list, calculate the total consumption amount of the customer, and then use a variety of payment methods to collect money. This article briefly explains the advantages and equipment composition of the cash register before explaining the use of the pos cash register.

First, the advantages of POS cash register

  1. The POS cash register collects money quickly, correctly, and makes customers satisfied.

The cashier uses the pos cash register to input the items purchased by the customer, so that the pos cash register responds quickly, calculates the consumption amount of the customer’s transaction efficiently, and can accurately display how much money the customer should be charged and the actual receipt. How much money should be paid and how much money should be paid, which effectively improves the cashier’s calculation time for the transaction amount, and also greatly improves its accuracy, especially the technical application of commodity barcodes triples the cash register speed, effectively reducing It reduces the time for a single transaction, reduces the waiting time for customers, and improves the operating efficiency of operators, which is convenient for themselves and customers.

  1. The pos cash register can support a variety of payment methods.

What cash payment, Alipay payment, WeChat payment, credit card payment, fully meet the needs of customers.

  1. To facilitate the statistics of performance.

For better management, the pos cash register can record the sales performance of the cashier in the business and the sales of items, which directly provides a basis for managers to manage them better.

  1. Accurate checkout and prevent fraud.

Second, the structure of the POS cash register

The pos cash register is mainly composed of two parts, mechanical parts and electronic devices. There are seven parts in total.

①Main board (central data processor) ②Storage (stores information, data and programs) ③Keyboard (used to input various numerical controls) ④Printer (used to print its cashier receipts and management stubs) ⑤Display (convenient and cashier Human-machine communication between staff and customers) ⑥ cash drawer (to store cash) ⑦ external device interface (for connecting various external devices).

Third, the specific use of pos cash register

There are many types of POS cash registers. Let’s take the POS machine of the catering system as an example to illustrate how to use it.

①First, open the cash register to connect to the network, enter the cash register interface to log in, and then enter the account password of the merchant. Click to log in to enter the pos cash register system;

②Enter the customer’s consumption list, click order, and then click ‘Add’ to add the customer’s account to the position of the consumption list according to the menu selected by the customer. After all the above operations are completed, click to place an order and check out. To buy, you can click ‘Clear’;

POS cash register external equipment:

With the development of today’s society, the advancement of science and technology, and the increase of accessories for pos cash registers, we now mainly have ① printer ② barcode reader ③ magnetic card reader ④ electronic scale ⑤ modem ⑥ backup power supply ⑦ communication network interface.

 Fourth, the daily maintenance of the POS cash register

Of course, with the increase of POS cash registers, in order to increase their lifespan, it is more and more important to perform daily maintenance on them. Simply speaking, daily maintenance needs to ensure the stability of the voltage. Of course, it is best to have UPS (if the voltage is unstable, the time will be longer. , the main board is easy to be burned), connect the ground wire, keep the POS cash register clean, if it is dusty or very humid, it is very easy to short-circuit, and then it is dedicated to the machine. It is best to do regular inspections inside the machine within 3 years. Maintenance and cleaning.




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