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Precautions for non-touch cash register operation

The cash register is not only divided into three types: integrated type, split type and channel type, but most users will choose the cash register they need with touch cash register and non-touch type. Nowadays, most customers in many specialty stores, clothing stores, fast food restaurants, etc. still prefer non-touch cash registers, but everyone likes non-touch screen cash registers, which does not mean that this type of cash register is easy to master, and there are many need for operation. Notes. Next, the technical maintainer of Yimai software cash register will introduce the precautions for taking pictures of non-touch screen cash registers.

Precautions for the operation of non-touch screen cash registers:

Item 1. Choose a flat and vibration-free table to place the cash register;

Item 2. The location of the cash register should be selected in a place that avoids direct sunlight, does not change much in temperature, and is far away from water sources and less dust;

Item 3. Please keep the cash register away from strong electromagnetic fields;

Item 4. Avoid blocking or covering the vents, and avoid stuffing or dropping any items into the machine. To prevent electric shock or fire;

Item 5. In areas or stores with poor power grid quality, a regulated power supply should be provided to supply power to the cash register alone;

Item 6. This product uses a standard two-pole grounded wall power socket and cannot be changed at will. It should be confirmed whether the voltage of the socket is consistent with the voltage marked on the nameplate of the machine;

Item 7. Please make sure that the grounding pin of the power plug is inserted into the grounding jack of the power socket or power distribution board, and ensure that the grounding jack is truly grounded. Poor or ungrounded grounding will result in electric shock, fire, or damage to the equipment;

Item 8. It is best not to share a socket with other high-power and frequently activated electrical appliances for non-touch screen cash registers. The power socket should also be located near the cash register and easy to plug in, so that the power can be cut off as quickly as possible in an emergency. ;

Item 9. If the product is used continuously under abnormal conditions such as smoke, odor or strange sound, it may cause the danger of fire or electric shock. Turn off the power immediately, unplug the power cord from the socket, and immediately notify the company’s special agent or dealer to deal with it;

Item 10. The connection of various cables of this equipment should be carried out under the condition of power failure, and the fixing screws must be tightened well. It is strictly forbidden to plug and unplug the cable when the power is on;

Item 11. When the cashier cleans the cash register, please do not use damp cloths or chemicals to wipe the body, such as gasoline, thinner, etc.;

Item 12. When the non-touch screen cash register fails, you should immediately cut off the power supply and stop using it. Do not disassemble or repair it without permission, and contact the cash register agent in time;

Item 13. If the product may cause radio interference in the living environment, in this case, the user may be required to take feasible measures for its interference;

Item 14. Do not discard the mainboard battery after replacing it (if the battery is replaced improperly, it may cause explosion or serious damage, and must be replaced with the same battery or a similar battery recommended by the manufacturer)

Compared with traditional POS machines, touch screen POS machines have many advantages, such as simplicity, high-end atmosphere, color screen display, etc. Among them, the wide application range of touch screen POS machines is one of its advantages, suitable for a variety of industries. In general, the application range of touch screen POS machines is far wider than traditional POS machines. Specifically, the scope of application of the touch screen POS machine mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Public places: The public places where the touch screen POS machine can be applied include subways, airports, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, museums, conference centers, ticket sales agents, fixed talent markets, lottery centers, etc. The emergence of touch screen POS machines has provided great convenience to these public service places. With the continuous improvement of the functions of touch screen POS machines, there are more and more public places where touch screen POS machines are installed.

2. Entertainment and leisure: The entertainment and leisure places that can use touch screen POS machines cover cinemas, gyms, resorts, clubs, foot bath rooms, bars, Internet cafes, beauty salons, golf courses, etc. The installation and use of the touch screen POS machine not only provides convenience for entertainment and leisure places, but also helps to improve the grade of these places.

3. Financial institutions: Banks, securities, funds, insurance companies, pawn shops and other financial institutions can install and use touch screen POS machines.

4. Commercial institutions: The touch screen POS machine can be applied to large shopping malls, franchise stores, hypermarkets, specialty stores, star-rated hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, pharmacies, self-service catering, etc.

5. Public utilities: touch screen POS machine can be applied to hospitals, schools, telecommunications, post offices and other institutions.

6. Real estate property: The touch screen POS machine is also suitable for apartments, villas, office buildings, commercial buildings, model houses, sales offices, etc.

At present, commercial institutions are the most used on the market, and they are almost everywhere. Compos cash register pos machines are suitable for the above points, supporting the main screen and the secondary screen, the main screen is used for cashiers, etc., and the secondary screen is used in the advertising display industry to attract customers.


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