Barcode Scanner


A barcode scanner is an input device that can read barcode content information. In today's society, barcodes have become a universal "identity card" unique to commodities. Barcode scanners have become an important device for identifying identity information. With the development of barcodes and more and more application scenarios,  As a barcode scanner supplier, we focus on producting barcode reader for over 15 years. Our barcode scanners are mainly divided into three types: one-dimensional laser scanners, one-dimensional image scanners (one-dimensional red CCD scanners), and two-dimensional image scanners (two-dimensional image scanners). dimensional CMOS scanner). These three barcode scanners can fully meet the market barcode needs! On this basis, if you need to transmit information over a long distance, you can also choose a Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner and a 2.4G wireless barcode scanner. If you need a waterproof, drop-proof barcode scanner, you can also choose an industrial barcode scanner.

In the following products, we have listed a variety of barcode scanners for you to choose from. We are well known barcode scanner manufacturer, The barcode handheld scanner of the ComPOSxb brand have high scanning accuracy, fast code recognition speed and durability, and are very popular among consumers.

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