Reasons for Data Loss from Catering Commercial Cash Registers

The use of the catering smart cash register facilitates us to collect data, analyze accounts, and save many tedious tasks. However, there will inevitably be some unpredictable problems in the use of cash registers, such as data loss.

So, what causes the data from the cash register to be lost? How can we avoid and deal with it?

1. Software problems: In the selection of cash register software, you must choose a stable one, and do not use free pirated software or cracked version of the cash register software. Unstable cash register software is more likely to be questioned. Once the cash register software fault occurs, it may be very troublesome for the software database fault, and when the software does not have after-sales service, there is no way to recover. However, when using the mainstream cash register software on the market, in order to avoid abnormal software errors, the system defaults to backup data every day after the operation is completed, which can effectively avoid data loss.

2. Hardware failure: If the hard disk is faulty, the unreserved product materials will be lost. Brothers who have encountered this situation know that this is the most unfortunate thing, because even if you replace a new hard disk, the product materials have been thrown away. Have to start over. Fortunately, hard disk failures can be repaired, bad sectors appear, and bad sectors can be shielded. Then the hard disk can be used continuously, and then the product material data can be exported; if the above methods cannot be processed, it is possible to recover the hard disk data.

Problems such as memory power supply motherboards are usually not a problem. The fastest solution is to replace them with new ones. These tools are highly integrated and cost-effective. Therefore, it is usually not recommended to repair the display, which has nothing to do with the data. In addition to these, there are also some peripheral hardware such as receipt printers, cash drawers and the like that will not cause the cash register data to be lost.


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