• <p>Mechanization</p>


    Box production line is in high mechanization, which ensure the quality, fasten the production time and reducing the production cost.

  • <p>Reliable Quality</p>

    Reliable Quality

    All products are passed FCC, CE & RoHS certification; All products must be passed 3 times QC before shipping.

  • <p>Strong R<span style="font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif;">&</span>D Capacity</p>

    Strong R&D Capacity

    Meet some customers’ special request. We can do second development based on original metal or plastic structure.

  • <p>Authoritative Verified</p>

    Authoritative Verified

    TUV / Alibaba authoritative third-party inspection passed. We are high-end golden supplier on alibaba over 14 years.

    • 1. Demand Aggregation

      According to the needs of customers, we draw sketches of product designs for customers. Turn the ideas in your mind into graphics, and display them in front of customers intuitively.

      Professional and enthusiastic sales team to provide you with the best POS related hardware services.

    • 1. Demand Aggregation
    • 2. Engineering drawings

      ComPOSxb engineers draw design drawings and 3D animations and confirm with customers. If the design needs to be adjusted, our engineers will change it and reconfirm with the customer. We respect every idea of ​​customers, meet customers' application scenarios, and solve customers' practical application problems.

      ComPOSxb insists on technological innovation. It invests 10%-30% of its turnover in research and development every year, has an experienced technical team, and has obtained hundreds of national patents.

    • 2. Engineering drawings
    • 3. Motherboard design and machine manufacturing

      After the drawings are confirmed, we will sign the contract and power of attorney. Then we started making samples. We have a complete 3D printing process, which can quickly produce samples within 3 days and reach customers by express.

    • 3. Motherboard design and machine manufacturing
    • 4. Whole machine test

      Once the sample is complete, ComPOSxb will test it and then send it to the customer for inspection and testing. Our sales team will follow up and cooperate with customers in an all-round way, and provide consulting and answering services 24 hours a day. If there is any problem in testing and inspection, we can give other solutions as soon as possible. Guarantee the progress of the project.

    • 4. Whole machine test
    • 5. Packaging

      The customer conducts the entire test and confirms the sample. During the testing process, if there is any need for modification, we will also actively cooperate and arrange for re-production of samples. Until the sample test passes, and then mass production.

      Modern industrial production, strong production capacity, stable supply, monthly output of 20,000 units.

      By producing reliable printers at competitive prices, we now serve more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

    • 5. Packaging

Production Process

ComPOS Tech focuses on touch POS related hardware manufacturing & supply. The strong R&D capacity makes us meet customers each request freely in the past 17 years and get most of customers’ affirmation.

  • Incoming Inspection
    Incoming Inspection
  • Material Placement
    Material Placement
  • Material Processing
    Material Processing
  • Sample Trial Assembly
    Sample Trial Assembly
  • Volume Production
    Volume Production
  • Aging Of the Whole Machine
    Aging Of the Whole Machine
  • Quality Test
    Quality Test
  • Finished Product Warehouse
    Finished Product Warehouse

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