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Solutions to common faults of smart desktop pos machines

Smart desktop POS machines are now everywhere on the market. Many chain restaurants, milk tea shops, department stores, hotels, fast food restaurants, food stores, etc. are very favored by double-sided touch screen desktop POS cash registers, because the customer-oriented The front screen can provide consumer purchase information and in-store discount information, which can not only improve the customer experience but also bring more repeat customers. However, when many operators of desktop POS machines are in use, due to improper operation or customer printing requirements, different printing failures of desktop POS machines will occur, thus affecting business. So how to solve the problem when printing fails? Below is a list of some of the more common problems and solutions.

Common problems of smart desktop pos machines when printing:

1. Font problem

Sometimes under special circumstances, the problem of printing Chinese characters is garbled. At this time, it is necessary to upgrade the font library, because if the upgrade is improper, it will cause irreparable damage to the printer, so the upgrade generally needs to be carried out by the professionals of the desktop pos machine manufacturer, such as If this happens, please contact the manufacturer as soon as possible.

2. The printing jam problem of the smart desktop pos machine

Sometimes the printer will have a paper jam problem. This is because the paper is jammed in the cutter group. At this time, you can open the square cover at the front end of the printer, and you will see the entire group of cutters. Generally, the paper jam is due to the cutter. The position is too forward, and it can be adjusted backward as appropriate.

3. Detect paper problems
Sometimes the printing module does not work after the desktop pos machine is turned on. It is possible that the printing cannot detect the paper, but the printer still does not work when the paper is put in the whole roll. At this time, be sure to first determine whether the thermal paper used is 80 paper wide. Now Some non-standard thermal paper on the market is only 79mm wide, try to buy standard 80mm wide thermal paper.

4. Paper cutting problem
Sometimes the paper is only cut in half at the desktop POS cash register, and the other half needs to be manually torn by hand, which is very unsightly. At this time, the staff needs to open the upper cover of the printer, and you will see that the cutter slot is composed of two pieces of iron. The middle is held up by a small piece of spring, and there are two small hooks on the left and right. If the printer is not cutting the paper on the left side, you can use a small screwdriver to slightly tilt the left hook. If it is on the right, just tilt the right side.

5. Printing problems

Printing problems generally occur in these three situations: blurred printing, half-printed writing, and blank printing. First of all, the printing is blurry, which is caused by two reasons, one is the damage of the thermal head, and the other is caused by the texture of the printing paper. In this case, you can check the printing paper first, and replace other printing paper. When purchasing printing paper, you should choose paper with smooth texture, no impurities, and good flexibility. If the replacement of the paper does not work, the thermal head is damaged and needs to be returned to the factory for replacement. Secondly, only half of the printed handwriting is displayed, which is also caused by damage to the thermal head, and it also needs to be returned to the factory for replacement. Finally, blank printing is also related to the thermal head. First, check whether the thermal head is deformed and whether it is stuck in the original position. If it is tilted or deformed, it will cause the paper to be unable to be touched, resulting in blank printing. If everything is normal, the thermal head is damaged and can only be returned to the factory for replacement.

The above is about the printing problems that are easy to encounter in the use of smart desktop pos machines. Some small problems can be solved by paying more attention to us in peacetime. Some problems require professional desktop pos machine manufacturers to overhaul, so we still need to remind , When purchasing the relevant desktop POS cash register, the after-sales service capability of the manufacturer must be considered, so that the subsequent problems can be solved in time.


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