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The difference between thermal printer and needle printer.

We often encounter a lot of paper bills in life, and even some friends joke that “there are more small bills in hand than banknotes”! But if you are careful, do you find that the same receipt, but the feeling of the hand is very different, one receipt is the feeling of ordinary paper, the other receipt feels more smooth. What’s the difference? Today xiaobian will tell you about two kinds of printing methods widely used in bill printing.

At present, in addition to the daily documents in our life and work, but also by all kinds of bills, from Courier documents, to restaurant receipts, shopping receipts and so on. The seemingly identical bill can be realized by thermal printing and needle printing. The above mentioned more smooth notes are basically achieved by thermal printing. So what are the characteristics of these two printing methods?

Pin type printing

A needle printer is a type formed by hitting paper and other media with a needle in the print head. In use, users can choose multi-link paper according to their needs. Commonly used multi-link paper has 2, 3 and 4 links, as well as 6 links of printer paper. Multi-link paper can be printed at one time only needle printer can be done quickly.

Needle printing technology is characterized by the needle hitting the medium, the needle force will pass through the ribbon to the paper medium, can print multiple carbon paper. Because the needles are slightly different, the printed document is unique and difficult to fake.

But needle printing also has its disadvantages, that is to print slowly! Needle printing because the needle uses round-trip movement, so its printing speed is slow. Secondly, the ribbon of the needle printer needs to be replaced frequently, the operation is tedious and the printing cost is high.

Common applications: invoice printing, ticket printing, etc

Thermal printer

Thermal printer is installed in the print head with semiconductor heating elements, the print head heating and contact thermal printing paper to print out the required pattern, it is similar to the thermal fax machine. The image is created by a chemical reaction in the membrane, which is heated.

Compared with needle printing, thermal printing has the advantage of being fast, because the paper produced by thermal printer can reach the speed of second by using a print head designed to be the same width as the printed medium.

However, thermal-sensitive printing also has disadvantages. Because thermal-sensitive paper is greatly disturbed by ambient temperature, the preservation time of printed bills is short. The printed bills will fade and blur in about three months, which will be difficult to identify.

Common applications: catering receipt printing, takeout order printing, shopping receipt printing, etc


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