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What are the reasons why the cash register cannot print the receipt?

Whether we spend in supermarkets, restaurants, or other stores, we will have a voucher for the amount of consumption, which is what we call cashier receipt paper. If there is a problem with the purchased goods, the receipt paper can not only protect the rights and interests of consumers, but also shorten the distance between businesses and consumers. After understanding the importance of cash register paper, what should I do if the cash register cannot print a receipt?

There are 7 common reasons and solutions for the cash register not printing receipts:

  1. The power of the cash register is not connected

Check if the work indicator of the cash register is on, if not, check if the power is on. Replace the power supply of other machines of the same type to see if the working light is normal. If it does not work normally, contact the after-sales service to check whether the cash register is damaged.

  1. Cash register jam

Open the cover of the cash register to check if there is a roll paper jam.

  1. There is no water or short circuit in the cash register

Check the appearance of the cash register for watermarks, and ask for the smell of burning. If there is any, only contact the after-sales personnel for replacement or repair.

  1. Whether the data link cable between the cash register and the computer is correctly connected

The cash register has a data line connected to the computer, check whether the data line is damaged, or replace it with one

  1. The drive of the cash register is normal

 It can be solved by reinstalling the printer driver. In general, contact the after-sales personnel to remotely operate the installation.

  1. The roll paper roller of the cash register is damaged

 Need to contact the cash register after-sales staff for replacement

  1. Cash register software setting problem

 Open the cash register software and select the correct cash registerr


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