What are the requirements for the external power supply of the cash register?

Any electronic product needs the output of the power supply to be used, such as mobile phones, iPads, and laptops, which have batteries to store power, even if the power supply suddenly fails, it will not affect the use. The cash register is different, it needs an external power supply to input power all the time before it can be used. The cash register will not work without an external power supply. Therefore, the power supply of the cash register is an indispensable factor to make the cash register work normally. So what are the specific requirements for the external power supply of the cash register?

First of all, as a cash register product, the power supply must have good grounding performance, and the grounding resistance is less than 1Ω. If the power supply is not grounded or poorly grounded, it may cause the case to be electrified, posing a safety hazard to the operator and affecting the stable operation of the cash register. Furthermore, the grid voltage is AC 220V/50HZ, and the allowable fluctuation range of the grid voltage is ±10% of the rated value. Before powering on the equipment, please check whether the power supply meets the voltage requirements of this product. Only when confirming that the external power supply is normal, before powering on the device. However, in order to avoid the sudden interruption of the grid power supply, the fluctuation of the grid voltage, and the interference of instantaneous spikes, a suitable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) should be selected according to the needs. But the protection ground of UPS power supply should be connected well.

Since most of the cash register products use ATX power supply, the power supply of the host machine is not completely turned off when the power supply is turned off. If the power supply is ensured to be disconnected, the socket switch should be disconnected or the power plug should be unplugged, especially in thunderstorm weather. cause a lightning strike to the equipment. The neutral wire and live wire of the power supply socket of the power grid must not be wrongly connected. The protective ground wire of the cash register must not be directly connected to the neutral wire of the power grid in the computer room. The ground wire must be connected to the absolute ground of the building separately.

In order to avoid the interference of other electrical equipment to the cash register, the cash register must have a separate power cord from the power distribution room, and cannot share the same line with other high-power devices, such as: electric tools, refrigerators, freezers, electric heaters, air conditioners, etc. The power consumption devices share one power supply. At the same time, in order to reduce the interference of the power supply to the data signal, the distance between the power cable and the data cable (display, network cable, printer data cable, serial communication cable) should be kept more than 100MM during installation. together.

Finally, when the cash register is turned on, the power switch of the external device should be turned on first, and then the power of the host computer should be turned on. When shutting down, you should first turn off the power of the host computer, and then turn off the power of external devices.


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