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What should I do if the touch screen fails during the checkout process?

With the continuous advancement and development of cash registers, the forms of cash registers have also begun to diversify. Smart touch screen cash registers have been widely used, and the convenient payment method can be used directly by touching the screen, reducing the profit of merchants. However, some problems are prone to occur during the use of this cash register. At this time, what should the merchant do?

For example, the cash register does not respond, the smart touch screen does not respond, etc. If the cash register does not respond to touch during operation in the store, restart it first. If the system still does not respond after restarting, and the symptoms are still unresolved, don’t worry, you can use a mouse to use it first, and then solve this problem after the store operation is over.

So, what causes the cash register to be unresponsive to touch? Xiaobian teaches you the preliminary investigation:

First of all, we need to check whether the touch screen cable of the cash register is loose and not plugged tightly. Generally, the touch screen cable can be seen on the interface of the cash register, which is usually a USB interface.

It is ruled out that the USB cable is loose, and then check whether the touch driver of the cash register is running normally. If the touch driver is deleted by mistake or there is a problem, you can arrange for the relevant cash register sales manufacturer to reinstall a touch driver for you.

If the above two reasons are excluded, it is very likely that there is a problem with the touch screen of the cash register. The touch screen of the screen needs to be replaced, and it needs to be sent to the silver machine manufacturer for replacement.

Of course, in order to reduce the symptoms that the touch screen cash register does not respond to touch, the most basic method is to buy a touch cash register with a certain quality assurance, especially when ordering cash registers in bulk, it is necessary to look for powerful and high-tech equipment. Manufacturers, the configuration of regular manufacturers’ quality clearance can fundamentally prevent the frequent occurrence of failures.

The update of the cash register has made our cashier methods more diverse, and the machines and systems that merchants can choose from have also become diverse. Choosing a guaranteed regular company can reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble and make the store’s operation more smoothly. ComPos cash register system has been focusing on the e-commerce industry for 18 years. It has a professional R&D team and after-sales service. You are welcome to consult and use it.

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