What to do with the flower screen of the cash register

When the cash register is in use, the screen suddenly appears. I believe this makes the cashier crazy, right? Seriously blurred screen can directly affect the normal use of the cash register (as shown in the figure below), so when our cash register appears blurred screen, we should investigate the cause as soon as possible and solve the problem. Today, the editor will take you to understand several reasons that cause the cash register to be blurred.

12 inch pos solution

cash register flower screen

According to the first method of maintenance is “soft first and then hard”, so we have to start with the graphics card driver to find the starting point. If the graphics card driver version of the cash register has been updated recently, and then the screen phenomenon occurs, it may be the driver. . There is also a possibility that the graphics card driver file of the cash register is damaged, which will also lead to a blurry screen. After confirming that it is caused by the driver, the solution can be to re-download the driver yourself, or contact the after-sales personnel of the cash register manufacturer and let them install it remotely. It is the cash register that can connect to the network.

The hardware temperature inside the cash register is too high, which can also lead to blurry screens, which mostly occurs in summer. How to rule out this cause? We can first use a small fan, put it next to the cash register and blow it against it, and then run the cash register normally. If the symptoms of the blurred screen disappear or alleviate, it can basically be concluded that the blurred screen is caused by the high stability of the cash register.

Problems with the connection cable (VGA) between the display screen of the cash register and the host computer will also cause a blurry screen. It may be a loose connection, or it may be that the connector is oxidized and the power supply is insufficient. If the blurry screen is not caused by the above reasons, you can consider whether it is caused by damage to the memory module. You can remove the dust on the memory module by wiping, and then turn on the computer to check whether the problem of the blurry screen is solved. If the problem is not solved, the memory module needs to be replaced.

If the screen is not caused by the above common problems after checking, it is necessary to contact the corresponding cash register manufacturer for maintenance in time to avoid business losses.


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