What will happen if the POS machine is not used for a long time?

When the POS machine is not used for a long time, it should be stored in a dry and dark environment. A humid environment will cause oxidation of electronic components, and high temperature and exposure to the sun will cause damage to LCD and other components. If you find that the POS machine that has been stored for a long time cannot be turned on, please follow the steps below to troubleshoot.

1,The usage environment of the POS machine, such as power input, power output, temperature, humidity and so on, check these basic requirements are right or not, or the power adapter indicator is normal or not, check whether the POS machine has a self-checking sound while booting up.

2, RAM oxidation: If the memory of the POS machine was oxidized, resulting in poor contact between the RAM and the memory slot, it will cause the POS machine can not turn on after a period of use. Usually you can hear 3-4 error beeps when booting up. You can deal with it this way: Firstly shut down the POS machine, remove the RAM from the motherboard, then use an eraser to wipe the gold finger (the place with the copper sheet), then blow the dust off, insert it back into the slot, and boot in the POS machine again.

3, Motherboard: If the mainboard was failure, it also made the POS machine can not turn on after a period of use. The structure of the motherboard is complicated, it is not recommended to disassemble it without a professional engineer or please contact us support team to help you.

4.As a high-reliability product, the cash register has a low probability of failure.However, product failures due to changes in external power supply or changes in external environment may also occur due to serious collisions during transportation,resulting in hardware failures, but hardware failures are rare.Therefore, when the cash register system fails,it should be determined and eliminated according to the principle of  “soft first, then hard, first outside and then inside”.The following are the common faults and troubleshooting methods of the cash register.


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