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What’s the problem with the POS cash register often crashing?(2)

The second type of situation: After a certain operation or an emergency occurs, the machine crashes frequently or cannot be used normally at all

1. A “crash” failure occurs after modifying the BIOS settings

This fault is very common among novice users. Some “motivated” beginners often set hard disk parameters and modes in order to improve system performance after reading some articles with wrong or easily misunderstood meanings. , memory parameters, CPU parameters and other settings have been set incorrectly, and the system will become unstable and frequently crash, and the system will not be able to enter the Windows system at all. For a computer that cannot be turned on again, usually just clear the BIOS settings. If you cannot enter WINDOWS and directly enter DOS, or it crashes when entering WINDOWS, or you are often asked to enter “safe mode”, you should check the relevant information in the BIOS. The hard disk and CPU settings have been set. In addition, if the ECC function of the memory without ECC function is turned on, it will also cause a crash due to memory errors. At this time, you can make corresponding changes or simply restore the default values.

2. After installing a certain software, as long as you run a certain software or use a certain hardware, there will be a “crash” phenomenon

This type of failure usually occurs after installing a software with very strict system requirements (such as some 3D software) or a special software (such as some fax software). At this time, we should suspect that there may be software and hardware. Compatibility problems, of course, sometimes the operating system is too old can also lead to such software and hardware compatibility problems, you can try to upgrade the operating system first, or simply give up (uninstall) the software and use other similar software (well-known This is not usually the case with software). With the popularity of the Internet, many people download various software from the Internet for use, but many software are trial versions or beta versions. Such software usually has some bugs or is not stable enough in some aspects (especially It is a beta version), if you have frequent crashes or occasional crashes after installing such a software, you may wish to uninstall the software and try, and the failure will usually be solved.

Of course, some software will crash because an important file of its own is damaged. This kind of situation is more common in the computer that was used normally before, but has a problem after an emergency. In this case, you just need to uninstall it. The software and reinstall it once, of course, some software installers have a repair function (such as IE and “Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0”, etc.), and usually only a repair is required for such software.

NOTE: If this freeze occurs after you install a new hardware device, it may also be due to a compatibility issue with the new hardware and a pre-existing software.

3. After a certain setting is made to the operating system, the “crash” failure occurs frequently

After a certain wrong setting is made to the operating system, a crash often occurs, such as changing the computer use from “desktop” to “network server”, or artificially setting the size of virtual memory too small. Crashes when running large programs. Because the cause of such failures is very easy to find – after all, you still know what you have changed, so you can just change it to the appropriate value or default value and it will be settled. In addition, it is best to turn off the hard disk hibernation function, because it can sometimes cause unexplained crashes, especially when the hard disk is not read and written frequently.

4. After upgrading and updating the operating system or replacing the large-capacity hard disk, it is caused by insufficient memory capacity.


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