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Why doesn’t the cash register display show content?

POS cash registers are widely used in our physical stores in various industries, and cash register accessories also play different important roles, and customer display screens are no exception. The biggest function of the customer display screen is to allow customers to intuitively see the amount of consumption and the amount of change when paying the bill. The result is transparent in front of customers, and the distance between merchants and consumers is shortened.
What should I do if the customer display does not show?
There are many reasons for this, let’s judge them in the following order:

1) First connect the power supply alone, do not connect the serial port, and see if the initialization screen (display baud rate information) appears. If there is no initialization screen, judge the power failure.
(2) Check whether the power supply of the host is normal and whether the power cord is disconnected. If there is an initialization screen, you can plug in the serial port and download the corresponding test program from the website for testing. If the test is not normal, judge the signal failure.
(3) Check whether the serial port of the host is normal and whether the signal line is in good condition. If the test software is normal, the hardware is not faulty, check whether the software used supports the customer display screen and whether the settings are correct.
(4) If the Hisense cash register software is used, it may be due to the problem of software settings that the customer display screen cannot be displayed normally, because the Hisense cash register software itself supports the customer display screen function.
How does Hisense cashier software set the customer display function?
First, we log in to the front desk of the cash register software, click on the system settings on the upper left, then click on the function settings, adjust the function of “whether customer display” to “yes”, and then set it to LED, COM1, baud rate 2400.



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